Exotic destinations for bold travelers

To escape the routine, but really escape, forget the cellphone and prepare your suitcase. We are going out of the country. ¿Morocco, Tunisia, Cape Verde or Martinique? This is our proposal of exotic destinations for bold travelers. A way to discover new cultures and customs, move through unfamiliar environments, with a surprising history and far, far away from our comfort zone.

Sometimes you have to let go of fear, laziness and just jump. Leave Europe, lose yourself in the world and discover, discover, discover. Not missing a lot. With an open mind and a smile one can get practically anything, and among them, enjoy an unforgettable trip to a different destination full of surprises with which to fill the album of our memory.

The first step is to choose the destination. The second, book good accommodations where you can set the base camp and the third, put the basics in the suitcase and skedaddle on first holiday dates that we have at hand. Among the most exotic, close and easy for tourist destinations in the world, we have chosen 4. Now we give some details so you can choose yours.



The neighboring country is one of the most amazing places in the world in terms of culture and traditions and is just over 2 hours of flight from Madrid. Gastronomy, religion, popular festivals, architecture, crafts and incredible landscapes in which are combined the desert landscapes with endless beaches and cities told of the Arabian Nights that are a treat for the senses. Some of the places you must visit are certainly Casablanca, Tangier and Marrakech. In all, the bustle of the markets, the calm beauty of its streets and houses and the magical look of its people will capture you. To take a break and relax, there is nothing better than to choose to include in your travel plan cities like Agadir or, especially, Berkane, a vacation paradise where relaxation is almost mandatory. There, several hotel chains offer very complete accommodation where you will not have to worry about anything (such as IBEROSTAR Saïdia, a 5 star All-Inclusive perfect for disconnecting from the world).


This destination we have chosen especially for fans of the Star Wars saga for the things in Tunisia where several scenes of the famous Star Wars, focused on what was called fictitiously Tatooine, were shot: those houses — cave carved into the sandy walls exist and are a must visit if you go for this destination. But Tunisia is much more than a movie scene: Tunisia is pure magic. Its traditional buildings and their coastal villages captivate you with unforgettable postcard moments, full of light and colors ranging from the blue of the sea to the ochre, reds and oranges. Impressive ruins and a whole historical heritage of centuries will open the doors to a civilization full of rich culture and folklore that will shake you in the impeccable starry nights that light up this unique country. Within its territory you have a thousand places to stop: Sousse, Hammamet, Zarzis and, of course, the island of Djerba. This last paradise is perfect for giving you a few days of sun and sand: not accommodation for everyone, but if you want to go big, choose one of the usual hotel chains. Among the most valued are the Barcelo Sangho Village Djerba, Vincci Djerba Resort Hotel, Radisson Blu Palace Resort & Thalasso or IBEROSTAR Mehari Djerba.

Cape Verde

To go and stay to live forever. As is this heavenly place. If you go, when you get there everything will sound nice: the official language is Portuguese and its people speak at pace and pauses that make it like music. This archipelago is located at a strategic point that allows you to boast a perfect tropical climate on the Atlantic, looking just at the coast of Senegal. The vegetation and geography are amazing, with white sand beaches, embraced by lush forests and jungles. Lovers of water sports and nature can find their place in the world just down the plane because the biodiversity of this area is preserved like nowhere else. Another of the great attractions of Cape Verde is its culture, filled with passion and personality, color and music. And above all, peace. One of the paradises that is hidden in Cape Verde where you can take refuge and enjoy precisely that peace and landscape is Boa Vista. A place with less than 4,000 inhabitants that are distributed in small villages where everything happens very slowly, where every gesture is important and cared for and where everyone knows everyone and helps each other. The few hotels that can be found are close to the beaches: Praia Santa Monica Praia Chave or, as the IBEROSTAR Club Boa Vista, offering all-inclusive 5-star accommodation from 80 euros per night.


If you are one of those who when you decide to embark on the adventure, you really embark. Dare to cross the pond and reach the Antilles Menores to Martinique. Although it is a French department and its currency is the euro (which will greatly facilitate things when arranging the trip), it is a completely different world from what you see every day. Palm forests, eternal banana plantations, caterpillars the size of lizards and iguanas that roam in every corner. Pure nature. Its tropical climate allows its forests to grow all with an energy that seems straight out of Jurassic: ferns the size of trees that are not distinguished by their height, but come to acquire it. And the sea. The sea is the Caribbean. Blue, clean and crystalline, with white and dark sand beaches. Yes, because the origin of Martinique is volcanic and, in fact, part of their current history has much to do with the activity of the great volcano, Mount Pelée, which in its 1902 eruption ended up burying the entire city of Saint Pierre , the capital of the island. Currently, the capital is held by Fort de France, a village full of colorful houses and small businesses, where we recommend you spend some time to look around loitering. Do not forget to visit the market where you can conquer aromas (the cuisine is very spicy and of intense flavors). Do not miss the sailors villages, where eating seafood or fresh fish is as simple as getting a table at any of its taverns steps from the sea. In Martinique you can organize a place full of different activities for a whole month journey, without repeating any water sports, hiking, climbing, diving, gastronomic routes, parks and monuments, shopping … Everything. Just go and enjoy. To stay, it is best to opt for Fort de France and from there move around the island or, if you want something quieter, go directly to one of the beach areas. The offer is not very wide, despite being a really tourist place, as many French have purchased their vacation homes there, but you can find good hotels at a good price looking a little on the Internet: the Club Med Buccaneer’s Creek, Hotel La Pagerie, La Suite Villa or Hotel Plein Soleil.

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