You don’t need to
Ingredients for co-creation: reflections on IO Retreat 2017
Dan Cunningham

Does “you don’t need to” mean there’s no value in doing it/ it’s not worth doing?

I would definitely like to test that! Partly because trying new things to see what happens is part of the IO Collective collaboration science lab + caring community, for me.. but also because actually I do believe some kind of ceremony (even the smallest of rituals, like an introduction and welcome to the community) is part of onboarding (until we find a better word!) — just bringing/ letting people in- what is that journey; what are the chapters/ milestones of that journey, getting involved in the IOC; learning who we are, what we’re about and what we’re doing/ how. Finding their place.. Sure, it’s only ‘onboarding' once a new person has chosen to step over the threshold into the minimum level of involvement we recognise. Before that point, it’s outward facing comms and it’s about our invitations and gate keeping. That’s me current thoughts! But we shall discuss this very soon as a collective!

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