We projected Greta’s ‘We’ll be watching you’ speech onto parliament

Since starting writing this, I’ve started a new initiative called ‘Grill XR’ in which I invite anyone who wants to, to join a livestream video call with XR cofounders/spokespeople — bringing your criticisms and questions and learning about our theory of change & tactics.

You hypocritical crusties fly, drive, consume and yet think you have the right to inconvenience us when you’re just as much to blame?

Because it’s 100% impossible to live…

I’ve met loads of people doing meaningless work for loads of money.
I’ve met loads of people doing meaningful work for fack all money.

My bubble I’m constantly struggling to burst is the ‘social enterprise’ space.

I know lots of people/orgs/events/funding/theory/etc working in this space. …

Luke Flegg

How best can we connect like minded initiatives, so together we work more insightfully & effectively than we could alone?

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