There is no alternative it has to be Clinton

When Americans head to the polls on November 8 they’ll cast a vote that will shape the ideology of the country for the next generation. That vote has to be for Hillary Clinton

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaking with supporters at a “Get Out the Caucus” rally at Valley Southwoods Freshman High School in West Des Moines, Iowa. Photo: Gage Skidmore

It is no secret that the entire world has been opposed to Donald Trump’s candidacy for president since the first time we saw the orange Michelin man descend from his gaudy gold escalator at Trump Tower. We then had to endure a vile hateful rhetoric against Mexican immigrants who probably contribute more to the wonderful diversity and society in the United States than Trump ever has no matter how many foreign women he marries. He called them drug dealers and rapists and assumed some were good people while it’s safe to assume they assumed he was a certified retard. It was after this hideous announcement that it was blatantly obvious that this man didn’t stand a chance of running a successful campaign and the American people would never allow the orange-faced menace near the Oval Office. How wrong we were.

The time came for candidates to file with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) and Trump made the cut — he filed. “Holy shit!” we all must have been thinking. This guy is going to contest the primaries at the very least. Yet, there was still a glimmer of hope for all of us. There was no way the Republican base was going to vote for this guy in the primaries he’s just too radical. He didn’t embody those good ole conservative values. He was to the right of that and sensible and moderate GOP primary voters don’t buy into populism. There was just no way that after voting in the first Black president for two terms that the American people were going to turn around and vote for Trump’s bigotry, racism, sexism, misogyny and birtherism. So we thought and yet we’re under ten days away from the election on 8 November.

His slogan ‘Make America Great Again’ so blatantly left out a large grouping of Americans who make the country so fantastic. That slogan should have been one of the early signs that Trump was not looking to serve all of the citizens. Yet it absolutely resonated overwhelmingly with his base who began drooling at the thought of returning to the 1950s, which was a time that was not so great for a great deal of Americans.

Trump became an unstoppable machine as he racked up win after win. Nothing he could say would stop him. He tossed out hateful slur after hateful slur as easily as he hopes to toss out illegal immigrants. He won debates and ran away with polls as his numbers surged after every deplorable thing he did or said. Pundits began voicing their concerns over how dangerous a Trump presidency would really be but it seemed no one was listening and he won 13.3 million votes during the Republican primaries. July came around and one by one GOP leaders gave in like the spineless people they are and anointed the man who had hijacked a once proud and respected party their Republican presidential nominee.

On the other side of the ideological spectrum enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton seemed to be flying at a low altitude and this played right into Trumps’ tiny hands. Enthusiasm for someone or something during a presidential election can almost certainly be the difference between a win or a loss and Clinton needed to get some enthusiastic people behind her pretty fast. There may be an easy explanation for the lack of enthusiasm for Clinton. It’s that people may have thought that Trumps such a terrible choice that Clinton already has this in the bag. The fact of the matter is that could be one of the reasons we’re now sitting with a Donald Trump in such a position of prominence. Hillary Rodham Clinton elected president would mean as much as when Barack Hussein Obama was elected president. It would be a shattering of the glass ceiling felt all around the globe. President Obama has said, “There has never been a man or a woman more qualified than Hillary Clinton to serve as president of the United States.”

So what’s the big deal? Get on board or face the grave consequences. People just aren’t feeling Hillary and it’s normally because of a few trivial and quite frankly stupid decisions. One of the other overarching reasons for their reluctant enthusiasm for Clinton is the false equivalency that she is the lesser of two evils. This cannot be further from the truth and is a gross miss use of an equivalency. The presidency is not about whom you like the best or whom you can get a beer with at the end of a days work. It’s about who can do the job and Clinton displays over and over again that she is ready and capable. Trump simply is not.

People don’t like the fact that she’s so guarded and it seems as if she’s untrustworthy, which is nonsense. No one has had to deal with the level of scrutiny that Hillary Clinton has had to deal with over the course of her three decades in public service. Wouldn’t you be a little guarded if you had your whole life paraded out for the public to ogle at whilst going through some of the toughest moments in your life? She’s guarded. Get over it. Most women are and it’s because of the patriarchal society we’ve cultivated for ourselves. If there’s anyone to blame for that it’s the men in the world.

They don’t like the way she campaigned against Obama in 2008. No, seriously, get over it! All’s fair in love and war and that’s what that campaign was. It was ugly and nasty and Hillary fought it right till the end even when she knew all was lost. She turned around and endorsed the president immediately and campaigned as hard as she could to get him elected. President Obama then pursued her for secretary of state and had to convince her three times to take the job. He wanted her that badly. He invited her into his private life and she was by his side during some of the toughest moments of his first-term. Now Barack Obama, Michelle Obama and Joe Biden are all out actively campaigning for and working hard to get her elected. It may well be one of the most important contributions of his presidency given the alternative.

There’s still a cloud over the Clinton administration of the ’90s. There are a number of things that administration got wrong when it came to the black community. The war on drugs, prison reform and Hillary’s ‘super-predator’ comment are dark marks hanging over her. While it was an ignorant thing to say at the time she has apologised for it, unlike her birtherism rambling opponent. Trump has now accepted that Obama was indeed born in the United States but he has never apologised for causing the movement in the first place. She recognises that the black community has had a rough ride in America and that it’s time something was done. She has always advocated for people of colour, her work for the Children’s Defense Fund, her work to register voters of colour and her diverse staff as first lady, senator and secretary of state are all outstanding points on her CV.

The emails and Benghazi are undoubtedly the biggest stains, though. The FBI concluded that what she did with regards to the emails was irresponsible but it was not illegal. Even the latest investigation announced by FBI director James Comey caused another Clinton email scandal on Friday and yet they have nothing to do with her directly. The FBI is now investigating disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner for his sexting with a minor. The only connection is that he and estranged wife Huma Abedin, a top Clinton aide, used the same computer and so some emails regarding Hillary were found on his computer. Colin Powel used a private server while he was secretary of state yet you don’t see the media jumping to crucify him. Perhaps because he’s a man or perhaps because he’s a Republican and god forbid they should get any bad press. Powel announced last week that he too would be voting for Clinton.

More than one inquiry has taken place into the tragedy that occurred in Benghazi and all have found that Hillary Clinton was in no way responsible. She did everything that was required of her with regard to diplomatic security and when she put in requests for added security at the Benghazi special mission the secretary of defense denied her request.

Finally, the Bernie or Bust people need to get off of their high horses and realise what’s at stake during this election. Sarah Silverman who was a Sanders supporter herself said at the Democratic National Convention to a booing Sanders faction, “You’re being ridiculous”. Yes, you are and you’re going to lead America into turmoil if you don’t get with the program. Silverman again remarked on Real Time with Bill Maher that the 29% of people in the18–31 demographic that want to vote for Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson are being stupid. Both Maher and Silverman voted for Ralph Nader in 2000 and both admitted what a horribly devastating mistake that was as George W. Bush came to office.

The debates were a master class from Hillary Clinton. It became clear that she had done what 17 other candidates, 16 of whom were men, could not do. She destroyed Trump while romping to a victory in all three debates. No candidate has ever delivered such comprehensive debate victories before. It became blatantly clear that there was no choice at all in this election. She was decisive, clear, poised, brilliant and simply scintillating as she watched and smiled as Trump punched himself in the face over and over again. Most importantly she looked and sounded presidential. Hillary Clinton brought her A game to the debates and at the end of the final debate she was only just warming up. She looked like a Muhammad Ali who had just knocked out his opponent in the third round. If those debates didn’t make you 100% all in for Hillary Clinton then nothing will.

The 45th president is going to be just as historic and awesome as the 44th because she represents all that is good about America. Hillary Clinton is for the underdog and she has the record to prove it. She has policies in place that she can actually talk about and she knows exactly how they need to be implemented and how they’ll be paid for. She will best serve minority groups and ensure that they have a voice and seat at the table. America has to be all in for Hillary Clinton on Election Day. It’s not just a vote for the presidency it’s going to be a vote for the soul of the country.