As we continue to evolve CivicDMV, we’re creating design principles to guide the work we do.

Establishing design principles is a common practice with government service organizations, as exemplified by those published by the United Kingdom and Canada.

The objective of these design principles is two-fold: To serve as a foundation for the work CivicDMV does, but also as inspiration for how all DMVs can build design thinking into their service efforts.

Do you have ideas or feedback on what design principles CivicDMV (and all DMVs) should incorporate into its work?

If so, add your comments to the draft document.

What would government look like if we re-imagined it?

What should it do? How can we participate in shaping our public service institutions to exponentially and sustainably benefit local communities and society globally?

The Department of Motor Vehicles has long been the poster child for government inefficiency, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Icons via Noun Project

The Department of Motor Vehicles has long been the poster child for government inefficiency. When we rail against government, often it’s about or because of our experiences with DMV.

Far removed from direct input of the people — despite being perhaps the most visible and having the most in-person engagement…

High aspirations and expectations for the future of California government digital services

California is on the cusp of ushering in a new era of government digital services, one that our elected leaders can finally align, prioritize and execute on, and prove to the people of the Golden State that our representatives are ready to innovate just as other industries here have done.

Photo: U.S. Digital Service

If government truly wants to transform digital services and effectively serve the public at scale, it must start with how it attracts and retains top technology talent.

For generations, the government typically recruited people for their entire working career, just like any other large corporation. Times have changed. Now, no-one…

Photo: UK Government Digital Service

As the general public increasingly expects the civic user experience to be as refined as the ones we have with our consumer electronics, digital service delivery has become a priority for governments locally and globally.

This growing demand has ushered in an era of government digital service teams, focused specifically…

GDS Launch (Photo: Paul Clarke)

Anything online is digital and, today, everything is online. To use the term ‘digital government’ in many ways is redundant, because whether it’s streamlining our experience with DMV or responding to natural disasters, all public-facing government services must be prioritized going forward through the lens of digital.

Given its nascency…

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