An adventure in patience

A mini-rewrite case study of two testing libraries

The Dream of 100% Test Coverage

Learnings from a recent conversion

Reacting to Context

Learn how to test drive your React code with BDD testing.

Now with Webpack as default asset bundler

Phoenix 1.4, now with webpack as the default asset bundler

Part: 3 Routing with ui.router

Step: 1 Building some routes

# app/views/application/index.html.erb<div class="angular-view-container" ui-view></div>

Part 2: Adding Angular to the Rails Project

Step: 1

#Gemfile gem 'bower-rails'

Step: 2

$ bundle install

Step: 3

function newPath(language, time, effort){ }; newPath("JavaScript", 0, "100%");

Luke Ghenco

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