No it does not.
Sceptical Meerkat

I’m not sure you’re even reading what I’m writing any more. I don’t remember ever saying anything about helicopter money, and as far as I’m aware, helicopter money is neither Labour’s official policy nor Corbyn’s personally-preferred approach.

And no, for some reason Labour thinks that voters are intelligent enough to understand that household credit cards and government deficits don’t work the same way. The whole “maxed out credit card” thing is complete rubbish as an analogy for government spending: households can’t print money, households can’t set taxes, households generally have a very limited ability to borrow in order to invest unless they’re already quite well off, and government borrowing doesn’t actually have an upper ceiling in the way that a credit card has a credit limit, to name a few differences. This is basic macroeconomics, and I’ve explained it above. It makes sense to lots of other people, but I get the feeling you’re going to stubbornly insist black’s white and then accuse me of being the one who’s unrealistic for partisan reasons…

As for Abbott, that’s a cheap shot. Yes, she screwed up, and did a pretty poor job of the interview. But the policy is actually costed, and the ability of a politician to quote a figure in the middle of an interview doesn’t really have anything to do with a government’s ability to actually run the country. All parties make mistakes: a tory MP said earlier this week that some degenerative conditions “get better” over time by themselves, which is similarly stupid to Abbott’s failure to have the correct figures on hand.

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