Meteor is kind of getting less and less attention actually.
Francois Ward

Thanks for the great article. Really enjoyed reading. My experience of Meteor.js has been the opposite, however, as I’ve been working with it recently. When is the last time you looked at it? Have you taken a look at updates in Meteor 1.3? There are many things in 1.3, but for me, the most significant is easy npm integration and modular application structure. The most useful overviews that I could find are at the 1.3 guide and on their repo

At the end of the day, while developing with React, I believe Meteor still brings more worth to our projects than its opinions hinder us. I see the alternative as replicating and maintaining much of Meteor’s core functionality in our own code across applications. Specifically the Meteor-React integration in Meteor 1.2 has been really great to work with (did you catch the shift in Meteor’s stance to recommend developing frontend components with React?). I’m looking forward to getting a chance to do more with Redux as well.

Otherwise, I think that the “Meteor-doesn’t-scale” myth has been disproven for awhile now and is something that people don’t talk about as much anymore. I agree, however, with your concern about Mongo and look forward to the long awaited support for some flavor of sql database. Their goals with GraphQL look promising:

Thanks again for the article — just wanted to contribute with my perspective after actively developing with Meteor in the last 12 months because the other aspects of your article were well-researched/written, and I feel you’ve been somewhat unfair in your current stance toward Meteor.

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