Global User Research Project

In my role as Senior UX at Tigerspike (Design Agency) in London, I assisted with a research project for a leading Electronics brand.

The project was to perform User Research on a global scale which would lead to suggestions in improving the businesses online strategy. We performed research across Tigerspikes offices in Europe (London), Singapore, Dubai, Sydney and the USA to best understand behavioural, market, economic and cultural nuances in each region.

We aligned on a research strategy prior to actives across each Tigerpsike team.


Whilst the findings/ outcomes are confidential, the process we took to reach these was:
- Produce a plan for general rules of engagement such as communications across different timezones including everything from core working hours to which presentation software to use.
- Align on our desired outcomes, hypothesis and how we’d present these back to clients in the most pertinent manner.
- Align on UX deliverables: Personas, Journey Map, Key Insights deck, General Market Insights deck.
- Templates and distribute each document. 
- Produce a common script for user interviews and allow a degree flexibility to ask questions for each market. We used semi-structured interview techniques.
- Produce a common set of relevant Heuristics for evaluation across the electronics brand and its competitor sites.


To help successfully meet our objectives I was involved in:
- Surveying consumers to find general quantitive insights and discover strong candidates to interview, who express interest.
- Interviewing end consumers based on their purchasing behaviours to obtain qualitative insights.
- Analyse the research to discover common insights and responses to our developed hypothesis.
- Present the analysis in the form of User Personas, Journey Maps and Key Insights.
- Perform and present heuristic evaluation of the brand and its competitors sites which would lead to expert design recommendations for online products.


I’m Luke Illidge, A creative lead with strong capabilities in primarily UX along with Interaction & UI Design. My passion is transformation through Design Thinking. Founded by a naturally high curiosity, divergent thinking and a UX toolkit to execute projects.

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