Topshop Topman Design Concept

In my role as UX Manager at Topshop Topman, a key goal was to initiate user centred design practice within the digital department. 
We’d tackle this by involving users in the discovery of ‘doing the right thing’ alongside business and technical goals as well as ‘doing the thing right’ through concept testing, quantitative testing and usability studies.


The first major opportunity to do this was on a flagship commerce site redesign. A project I was aware of upon joining the business.
The primary goals of the project were:
* Optimise the core user journey of search to purchase.
* Enhance the inspiration features within the site to help shoppers find apparel they love.
* Underlie the site with a component library to ensure future scalability across both sites.
* Bed in a new era of contemporary and collaborative product design, using this project as a working example.
* Produce a refreshed, loveable and shared brand experience between the two brand sites.


My role as UX lead was to facilitate the management and process of this project. The teams involved were:
* Senior Leadership
* Insights, SEO, CRM & Analytics
* Digital Marketing
* Creative & Visual Design
* Trade
* Engineering
* Online Visual Merchandising




* Design process presentation & project plan
* Research strategy & findings presentations
* Mobile & Desktop web prototypes
* Information Architecture documentation
* Concept & Usability test plans

Design Concept