Planning for the Future Career

Today, we consistently hear that the American economy is losing jobs to trade. Although there is some merit to this, the real culprit is technology. In fact, investment in automation for factory production has doubled over the past two decades, and automation of all products is expected to reach 25% by 2025 (Fortune, 2016).

So what does this mean for you the job candidate who is desperately trying to find work? It means you need to prepare for careers that will exist 10 years and beyond. This means, in order to remain relevant in our changing economy you need to focus your training and experiences on the career fields that cannot be lost to automation and technology. Now, first we need to acknowledge that we cannot always predict what careers will not be lost to new tech, I mean we don’t know what the tech will be so how can we confidently predict! However, we can make safe bets on jobs that will always have to remain in the human realm. These fields include but are not limited to sales, customer relations, areas of marketing, management, and tech development.

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Now you may be asking, how can I ensure I get into a field that won’t be lost in the future. The answer is aligning your training and experiences within an integrated career plan. As a candidate and employee, you must constantly be tracking where you are in your individual career plan. How do you track where you are? By first developing that career plan. This exercise takes intensive research, “war gaming,” and well planning. You must identify career fields you enjoy, are relevant, and you can reach, and then you must create a timeline and course of action to reach those fields. We here at OweYaa understand this, and work hand in hand with you to develop this comprehensive plan. Although this exercise can be done on your own, our experienced team helps to focus your efforts and provide insights that can help tailor your plan to your professional and personal goals.

Now, to finish, you are probably asking yourself, well what happens when the plan doesn’t work out!? Well from Mr. Dwight Eisenhower himself, “Plans are nothing. Planning is everything.” The career planning exercise does not mean you have to follow your plan exactly. In this case, like the enemy, they get a vote as well. However, because you have spent ample amount of time planning you will be prepared to react quickly, change course, and reach your end goals.

So want that dream career you have always wanted? Start planning for it today.

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Luke Jenkins is a member of the Active Duty Military and USMA grad who helped to identify the need for a more integrated process to hiring, especially within the transitioning military community.

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