Leeds GovJam 2017 — as I go

This is a work in progress, so don’t expect it to be perfect! (yet)

First day

Today was the kick off meeting for Leeds GovJam, part of a wider event where people across the world volunteer their time to develop something to change government — all in under 48 hours!

I’ve just left the 2 hour kick off meeting…

What I’ve learned about a jam so far

  • It’s about doing not talking
  • It’s about viewing things differently
  • It’s about designing services that have the user at heart
  • It’s about building prototypes
  • It’s about talking to real people and getting real feedback
  • It’s lots of fun!

What’s happened so far

After “hearing” the global theme everyone shared ideas on what it meant to them. Working together we grouped them all and formed teams around ideas we were most passionate about.

Having just formed a team around our theme — transport — we rapidly came up with themes, grouped the themes and voted on the sub-theme. Then came up with problem statements, grouped them and voted on them. We now have a problem statement to work with!

It was amazing to see how fast a group of people can take a small soundbite into a varied set of problem statements and ideas.

Day 2

Everything has been “go-go-go” so this segment is going to be brief (for now!)

What I’ve learned:

  • Assumptions are weak, insight is strong
  • User feedback is quick and powerful
  • Everyone should have the “Yes, and…” mindset
  • Nobody should have the “No, but…” mindset
  • Be ruthless with your Minimum Viable Product
  • Changes based on one users feedback risks the experience of other users
  • Don’t think about the technology, think about the service
  • Speed is king: go low-fi
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