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Now you may be wondering about the title, or thinking “who the heck is Sophia??” — well, bear with me, and all will be revealed. It’s not as sinister or weird as it may first appear.

I saw a post on my Instagram feed the other day that just got…

Funny, there are many cities called “Hell” on earth. This one was in Grand Cayman.
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An Examination of Conditional Immortality, Part Two

Welcome to Part Two of my study and examination of Conditional Immortality (aka Annihilationism). If you missed part one, you can read that one here.

As with part one, this will be a long post as there is still much ground to cover before we can really grasp the bigger…

Cute easter toys: toy chicken, plushy rabbit and a painted egg
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Much like any major Christian holiday, there are the usual arguments and accusations about how it’s all just pagan festivities with a “Christian mask”. …

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For many people today, non-Christians and (low church) Christians alike, when they hear the word “Catholic”, certain images spring to mind: the Pope, the rosery, Catholic school, big old churches buildings, choirboys, maybe monks or statues of Mary even; and sadly more recently, sex abuse scandals.

But, generally speaking, all…

Another "holy cow" to challenge/question, which is odd, since for many centuries, the Ransom Theory or Christus Victor were the more dominant atonement doctrines. I prefer the latter, though truly, I believe they all overlap to some extent and you can't just pin it on one.

"In Genesis 1:26–27, has an interesting use of plural pronouns for God as he created man and woman both in his image, rather than the later contradictory story of Adam’s rib."

My "pet theory" is that the Gen 1 account is a general creation of humans, and Gen 2 is dealing specifically with only Eden and the beginning of the Hebrew people's line in Adam.

I know it doesn't all fit together perfectly, it's a working theory!

Storm clouds
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Most people have some idea about what the rapture is — or do they? Generally there is an idea or concept of a form of escapism from the world when Jesus returns, which happens pre, mid or post tribulation and in some connection to the millenium. …

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This is a guest post by Joshua Spaulding from The views are that of the author and don’t necessarily reflect the views of That Ancient Faith.

As you read through the Scriptures, you will come across some passages that seem to suggest that slavery is not condemned by God. Some who think this to be the case are sincerely seeking truth, while others are only looking for reasons to discount the Bible.

Some of the passages…

Christian Cross on top of a snow covered mountain

In the quiet, still silence, I await my God.

There seems to be some misgivings about the idea of “contemplative prayer” (also referred to as Christian Meditation) and in some of the descriptions I’ve read, I would agree that it can seem iffy.

Contemplation, or sometimes known as Lectio Divina

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