If I had one million dollars to invest in a company which company would I invest in?

I would invest in a company called MICRO BENEFITS, who provides access to employee benefits for blue collar workers (http://www.microbenefits.com/).

When I worked for a VC in Shanghai, we invested MICRO BENEFITS. China’s more than 300 million blue collar workers have an average salary of only approximately 2500 RMB (400 USD) per month. Inflation and a high cost of living mean that they are constantly in search of marginally better paying jobs, giving them a highly transient lifestyle. For employers, this results in average monthly turnover rates of more than 14%. With pressures to maximize the bottom line, employers struggle to provide competitive salaries and benefits that effectively increase employee retention and satisfaction. Skilled labor shortages further compound the effect of high turnover rates, resulting in high annual recruitment costs.

Micro Benefits seeks to improve the life quality of the highly mobile blue collar population and to alleviate the turnover pressures facing employers through a flexible employee benefits platform. They provide low income workers access to financial services, discounts for life necessities, and training programs. Using Micro Benefit’s wage deduction software, banks are able to offer low-risk but meaningful loans to blue collar workers.

Micro Benefits combines the purchasing power of the hundreds of thousands of blue collar workers and negotiates with service partners, including banks, insurance companies, merchants, and training facilities, on their behalf to offer previously unavailable products and service through their employers.

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