Lean Launchpad

Empowering students with Shanghai’s startup resources, lean launchpad, is a course in entrepreneurship. Based on the Steve Blank’s Lean Launchpad, we will apply the curriculum developed at Stanford and Berkeley for the NYU Shanghai community. Over the semester, student teams participate in an iterative approach to startup development, a combination of business model design + customer development + agile development. Participants from the Shanghai Venture Capital community and leading successful startup entrepreneurs will serve as mentors and advisors to the course. The course serves as the bridge not only between NYU Shanghai and the startup community in Shanghai but also between NYU Shanghai and the greater NYU entrepreneurial institute.

Participants include but not limit to 500 startup, China Accelerator, People Squared, LGT Capital, Transist, Strikingly, Piiig Labs and Shanghai Public Public Practicing Base for Entrepreneur.

Class 1

Lecture 1 : Intro, Business Models, Customer Development

Class 2

Field trip (People Squared)

Class 3

Guest presentation by David Chen (Founder of Strikingly, first YC-baked Chinese Startup)

Class 4

Workshop 1 : Customer Discovery practice for the real world

Class 5

Guest presentation by Nancy Lu (Founder of Piiig Lab)

Class 6

Lecture 2 : Value Proposition

Class 7

Lecture 3 : Customer Segments

Class 8

Lecture 4 : Channels

Class 9

Workshop 2 : Customer Acquisition and Activation

Class 10

Lecture 5 : Customer Relationships, Get/Keep/Grow

Class 11

Lecture 6 : Revenue Model

Class 12

Lecture 7 Partners Week 8 Lecture 8 Resources and Costs

Class 13

Workshop 3 Presentation Skills Training

Class 14

Lessons Learned Presentations, Teams 1–6

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