Wearable Chair

I am a guru in assistive technology and a silver tech entrepreneur. My specific interest is in fall-preventing. I spent day and night working on a smart walker to prevent falling(embracebot.com). However, our product still has limitations. I used to joke with my partner what if I had a chair stick to my butt, than I would never worry about falling. It is happening!!!

Archelis is a wearable chair wraps around the wearer’s buttocks and legs, providing support that effectively allows them to sit down wherever and whenever needed. It is now targets hospitality workers and retail assistants who needs long hours spent on foot. However, the applications for seniors, stroke and spinal-cord-injury are excited me enormously.

One out of three seniors in the U.S falls each year. Without increased protective measures the number of falls induced injuries is anticipated to double by 2030. The direct medical cost will be 68 Billion. What if we could improve walking safety, save lives at the same time and save billions of dollars for this country and insurance provider. I would invest or develop in this technology.

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