Top examples of fair and open business in the blockchain space

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Blockchain tech must hold itself to a higher standard of trust and transparency

Over the last decade we’ve seen no shortage of Blockchain and crypto projects promising the world only to come up short in reaching their ultimate vision.

And as someone who has been actively involved in the space for the last few years, I’ve seen first hand the large disconnect between hype and reality.

Some projects were too ambitious. Others failed to create a product that the marketplace felt had value. More troubling, during the 2017 bull run a study concluded that nearly 80% of ICO’s were flat out scams.

Beyond the hype and ambitious promises, the industry continues to struggle to repair the damage done by the years of lack of transparency and bad actors embedded in Blockchain and crypto. …

Digital nomads aren’t the only ones who can benefit from this modern lifestyle set up

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Digital nomads have been roaming free and blogging about it incessantly for more than a decade now. Location independence sits at the heart of that modern tribe’s philosophy. But they don’t own the term. In fact you don’t even have to travel to start thinking about location independence — and you should. It’s the most future proof way of setting up your life.

In my previous post I covered my accidental journey into long term location independence. Whilst I may have stumbled into this lifestyle as a way of extending a backpacking trip, I have since invested a lot more time and energy into considering what it means to be location independent. …

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Stumbling around in Brazil, February 2011

I became location independent almost by accident.

I wanted to travel but was far too impatient/bad at saving to amass the funds that would see me through a year in South America. I was also about to turn 30 when I made this travel plan which had put me in somewhat of a kamikaze mindset.

Several things changed all at once.

A long relationship came to an end as I hit 29. I’d been working at the same design agency for about 6 years and was restless. My long standing dream to be a superstar DJ was (after a lot of effort and some success) definitely not going to happen. …


Luke Kelly

Location independent graphic designer. Fascinated by the future —

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