An Interview With Luke Kervin

Federalize medical research: The vast amount of clinical research is paid for and designed by the very companies the make the drugs being studied. These studies are designed in a way to ensure that the drugs appear to be effective. The FDA, due to its partnership with the pharmaceutical industry, approves drugs based on improvement of surrogate markers, short-cutting most research. This process has flooded the medical landscape with useless and expensive drugs that are falsely advertised to help people in ways that are not proven. …

An Interview With Luke Kervin

Continue to find ways to diversify the field and make training more accessible to people from all backgrounds. There are a lot of populations that we’re not serving equitably for both mental health and medical health because we’re not speaking the same language. Not only literally, but also in terms of understanding the concerns or the cultures and customs of different people. In the medical landscape and behavioral health landscape, we aren’t really speaking to that. With increased diversification and more training on cultural competence, I think we would see great changes here.

The COVID-19 Pandemic taught all of us…

An Interview With Luke Kervin

I wish someone had told me to focus more on the positive rather than the negative. I spent much of my professional career focusing inordinate attention on the minority of patients who didn’t do well and spent relatively little time feeling good about the majority of patients who did great.

As part of my series about healthcare leaders, I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Michael J. Collins.

Dr. Michael J. Collins spent several years working as a construction laborer, truck driver, cab driver and dockworker, trying to get into medical school. After completing his residency at the Mayo Clinic…

An Interview With Luke Kervin

Put more money into mental health research! Mental health research gets the fewest dollars, and yet is one of the most common illnesses that decreases an individual’s functioning and quality of life. Advances in mental health medicine can only be achieved with research dollars.

The COVID-19 Pandemic taught all of us many things. One of the sectors that the pandemic put a spotlight on was the healthcare industry. The pandemic showed the resilience of the US healthcare system, but it also pointed out some important areas in need of improvement.

In our interview series called “In Light Of The Pandemic…

An Interview With Luke Kervin

MAKE HEALTHCARE JOBS MORE AVAILABLE. In a pandemic situation, it would seem that nurses especially should have their pick of places to work, yet clinics and doctor’s offices are currently being staffed with medical assistants. Also, Master’s Degrees are required for teaching and Public Health positions. Master degrees aren’t needed to teach basic skills like checking blood pressure, pulse, and temperatures. …

An Interview With Luke Kervin

Bridge care navigation across payers and providers: People looking for care often encounter different information when searching on payer and provider online directories. By accelerating connections and data exchange between payers and providers, we can help patients make more informed healthcare decisions for themselves and their loved ones, while also expanding access to convenient online scheduling. Bridging these key access channels is a critical step in reducing fragmentation in healthcare.

The COVID-19 Pandemic taught all of us many things. One of the sectors that the pandemic put a spotlight on was the healthcare industry. …

An Interview With Luke Kervin

Never give up: Often people quit too soon because they could not push through the difficult part of striving to achieve their goal. Success is like hiking up a mountain it’s never linear, you have to take different paths/obstacles to achieve your goal of reaching the top of the mountain.

As part of my series about “individuals and organizations making an important social impact”, I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Dan O’Brien.

Dr. Dan O’Brien is a physician, public health expert, business-savvy consultant, podcaster, and author. Business leaders look to Dr. …

An Interview With Luke Kervin

Strengthen the public health infrastructure. Public health is the science of protecting and improving the health and well-being of individuals and communities. Public health professionals try to prevent problems from happening or recurring by educating the public, advocating for policy implementation or changes, implementing surveillance systems, delivering health care services, and conducting research. We also work to balance individual autonomy and interests with the ethical obligation to protect the public’s health. The COVID-19 pandemic is a public health crisis that has revealed that we must strengthen all aspects of our public health infrastructure to improve the health of the nation.

An Interview With Luke Kervin

I wish someone told me just how long it takes to become a doctor. Second, you cannot just be a good doctor, you must be good in business as well, to be successful. Third, always try surround yourself with supportive, positive people. Fourth, you cannot please everyone all the time. Finally, I wish someone would have told me that eventually I would start to lose my hair and go grey.

As part of my series about healthcare leaders, I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Stephen M. Soll.

Stephen M. Soll, MD is an Ophthalmologist specializing in Eye Plastic and…

An Interview With Luke Kervin

Invest in public health systems and the public health workforce: Over the last decade before COVID-19 hit, the country has lost at least 38,000 public health jobs, while state and local public health budgets have been slashed by 16% and 18%. Funding for public health — including funding to expand and maintain a workforce, update antiquated data and technology systems, and invest in community engagement and programming — will be essential to being better prepared for the next pandemic and to advancing health equity more broadly in underserved communities across the U.S.

The COVID-19 Pandemic taught all of us many…

Luke Kervin, Co-Founder of PatientPop

Luke Kervin is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of PatientPop, an award-winning practice growth technology platform.

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