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Sorry. This title seems to have more of a “clickbait” style than what it needs to be, but I assure you… there are more “losers” in the business world than what you would consider “winners”. At least by experience standards.

Doing what I do, I see businesses differently than your average person. Where some see commerce, I see relationships. Where people see food being passed over a counter, I see a collection of processes that turns raw food you can cook on your own, suddenly becoming hundreds and hundreds of satisfied consumers.

When you look deeper into almost every commercial action, you cannot ignore the human element involved. …

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Some people get into freelancing on purpose, some on accident. I was more of the latter.

After having a new baby, I decided my time needed to be better spent. Long hours and weekends spent at offices doesn’t bode well for building a stronger family dynamic, and given that we just had our last child, it was time to look for a way to force a healthier work-life balance. So, I took up some small consulting jobs part-time and was able to wean myself away from my office gig in less than a month while keeping my income intact.

I’ve always enjoyed customer experience and marketing. In my mind, they go hand in hand. The same goes for sales… it’s all one big casserole of understanding the behavioral economics and psychology behind the customer journey. …

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Imagine your phone rings.

Great. A number you don’t recognize. Do you answer it?

If you are like the majority of Americans, the answer is unequivocally “no”. Aside from the lone grandmother who hasn’t seen her family in months and is lonely for human interaction, almost no one does.

So you slide the red button and wait to see if they leave a voicemail. No? Great… spam caller. Moving on.

A few hours later, the number calls back. Your eyes roll, decline it again, and you see if they leave a voicemail.

No voicemail. Now this is getting annoying.

A few hours later, the same number begins to ring on your phone. You are certain that it is someone claiming to be from the IRS trying to scam you for Walmart gift cards or some auto warranty nonsense and decline it. …

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I was clicking around the other day and came across an interesting piece of information that reported that the sales training industry alone was worth around $15 billion in revenue each year.

$15 billion… and for what?

I have been to many of these sales training schemes throughout my career, each one pretty much the same as the next. You go through the training, you learn some hip cool acronyms, you get an over copied printout of some tired sales script, drink some bad coffee and glance over some over-touched pastries on break, learn some new NLP techniques to manipulate the emotions of the consumer are displayed, focus on visualization and “wanting the sale”, and then they send you home in an energy-driven frenzy in hopes of you making a few new sales and blah blah blah. …

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Have you ever bought something and walked away unsatisfied because your salesman was rude, unprofessional and lacking any real knowledge on the product… or worse… how to interact with people? I can safely guess everyone has been there.

But why?

Better yet, have you dealt with that salesman who cares more about the commission check he sees when he looks at you, only to lose interest when he realizes you are still in the information gathering mode and not ready to commit?

Even worse yet, interacting with sales “managers” who foster this kind of attitude and sets the standard amongst his sales team of not wasting time on “tire kickers” by sending staff over to sell to someone else who may be more of a “sure thing”? …

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For freelancers (myself included), Upwork is a favorite hunting ground for potential clients looking for help. It’s a great platform, and I love it (aside from the ridiculous fees).

When I have gaps in my schedule from where I have finished up projects with other clients, I will go in there to see what’s new and who needs help. Oddly enough, the majority of the needs people have inside that fit inside my skill scope is pretty one-track.

The dreaded PPC.

While I am not the biggest fan of PPC in general, it has its place and purpose. The usefulness of that method of advertising is undisputed; it is the expectation of the business owners and leaders when it comes to results that make me want to chew glass. …

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When you are in sales for any length of time, two major things happen.

One, you begin to realize that every single human interaction is a sales based relationship and two, you critique other sales professionals on their ability to sell to you.

Like… all the time.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good show. The TV infomercial sales guy turned car salesman extraordinaire who gets overly dramatic with his presentations…. great for a laugh.

Even better is “Paul” with a thick accent from somewhere not remotely close by who calls me during my workday asking me questions about my life insurance solutions and is obviously reading a script line by line (poorly). …

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“We need more conversions…”

Insert eye roll here.

Throughout my time as a freelance consultant (who happens to have a heavy focus in marketing), I can’t count the number of times I have talked to clients and prospects who wait until the last minute to get help in working their marketing plans.

Or… better yet… lack thereof.

Sure, not every business owner is a business expert. I get that. Very few people are. However, there is a case to be made for looking forward 6, 12, or even 24 months to get an idea of the best avenues for putting your product or brand out there. …


Luke Kinton

CX Drill Sgt. Experience Evangelist. Behavioral Economics Freak. Insurance Pro. Freelance Marketing Consultant. Entrepreneur. More at

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