Laying in this field of darkness
With grass grown over me
Water-soaked ground under my skin
Whispers of stars talk so freely
The weight of abandonment
That stands on my chest
A moon that appears in a crescent
Falls behind a shadow, to rest
Can I stay here beside you
May I lay here beside you
Hold me in the light of your arms
Cause I find myself in all you do 
Oh I see the struggles in us
Caused by a catastrophic past
With a glow of a peeking Sun
Letting in light, to show we passed
Hardships of previous moments
That grew our eyes heavy
Crumble into place
In the form of marble monuments
They now stand as a passage way,
To allow not subjugation
But a light of togetherness and faith
Full of pleasure and satisfaction
To live both as individuals
While being connected at the soul
A love that’s translucent yet so visible
And a strength that’s all we’ll know.
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