Advantages of Cloud Computing by Luke Lonergan

Cloud computing was an emerging technology in 2015, but by now pretty much every business uses at least one cloud service. Even if you’re just checking your bank balance on your mobile or updating your Facebook status, you’re basically using cloud computing. However, if you are one of the last few holdouts who still don’t see what cloud computing can do for them and their business, here are a few reasons you might want to get with the crowd.

One of the biggest advantages that cloud computing software has is that upgrades are available to users as soon as they are released. This means that new functionalities and features to make you and your business more productive are there for you almost instantaneously. In addition, upgrades are quite frequent as opposed to software that you’ve downloaded onto your system and that is upgraded maybe once a year.

If your business is one of those businesses that have a bandwidth that is constantly changing, cloud based services are ideal for you. You can easily scale up when your bandwidth increases but if it decreases afterwards, cloud based services allow you to scale down as well — all of this on the service’s remote servers.

Disaster recovery is a primary concern for businesses. However, until the advent of cloud computing services, smaller businesses often lacked the finances and the know-how to invest in proper disaster recovery. Cloud computing offers a variety of backup and recovery solutions to small businesses that allow them to save time and spend less in terms of up-front investment.

Another major advantage of cloud computing is that the costs here are much more adaptable than the conventional methods. You only need to pay for infrastructure and server capacity when you need it. You can buy more capacity and pay for it during peak times and then remove the capacity and the payments once you no longer need it. This is unlike conventional methods where you pay for peak time even when the capacity is not being used.

Basically, with cloud computing services, you can work from anywhere — provided you have an internet connection, of course. There is no restriction on the device you use — whether it is a mobile phone or a tablet or even your laptop. Applications and data are available to you no matter where you are.

Article Published by Luke Lonergan

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