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As far as bringing in tithe for the purpose of enjoying it in the presence of the Lord, I think this is tied into how people give. Tithing was directly tied to food and produce being offered to God and to feeding the general community butI don’t think you can draw a direct parrallel to food being distributed equally to tithing being brought in and then handed out to members. Israel was at the point of tithing out of the necessity to feed each other but I don’t think most churches are at the point. So when we say bring our tithes to the Lord to enjoy and partake of them in his presence, I think we are still called to do that, but that “partaking” and “eating” is not as literal today. I genuinely think now that takes the form of ministry building. This errs on the side of programs which, when done poorly neglects relationships, but when done well tithing becomes so crucial at buiding a community that does come together and partakes of what God has blessed them with together!

For example, our churches tithes builds our budget, which out of neccessity pays salary, supports missions, and funds children programs, but it also is available for love offerings to support low income families, or hosting community picnics or cook outs. I think that is an example of literally giving to God and coming together as the body of Christ in light of the new covenant, not out of obligation of law, but freedom of Spirit to celebrate the building of God’s Kingdom together!

So I think its important to refine the focus of God’s people, the Church, and understand that now bringing in the tithe and eating it in the presence of the Lord is no longer meant to exlusively support God’s people but as a means of outreach and Gospel sharing!

Hope that helps!

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