Thanksgiving Conversations

Divided by Understanding of Technology

Did you guys hear the story about the guy who accidentally threw out a hard drive with $7 million worth of Bitcoins on it?

~~ blank stares around the table~~

“What’s a beet coin?” asks family.

It’s the crypto-currency. You must have heard of it. It has been on the news a lot lately because the price has been fluctuating. It went down when the feds rolled up the Silk Road, but now it is way up again.

“Slik Road?”

Yeah, the internet black market. You have had to heard of that?

“A black market? On the internet?”

Well, on the Tor network specifically. Which is why it took them so long to shut it down. They were using Tor for anonymity, and Bitcoins for payments…

“Thor network? Like that movie?”

Yeah… More or less.