Start Off Your 2018 with a Confident Step

Wouldn’t you love to be that person to walk into a room and have everyone turn their heads? Even if it’s just a little bit? I’ve found without question people are naturally attracted to confidence because it’s something most people lack. And we want to be around people who exemplify how we want to live our lives. Do you know the easiest way to start building confidence? Fixing your walk.

This is how I walk. Especially at places like my college campus where there’s a lot of people acting in a lot of different ways. I want to stand out. I want people to notice me. Not out of some insecure need for attention, but because I want to make that connection with them and inspire them with my confidence. You can’t help someone if they don’t know you exist. And you can’t inspire someone if they don’t admire you.

So back to our walk. I imagine I OWN the place, but I do it with a smile and a tiny little bop in my step. This makes me feel entirely unafraid of what anyone thinks of me, but keeps me from acting like a jerk. Confidence does not equal jerk. My friend who also talks about confidence, Devin Tracy, has a different way of phrasing this (you can see the whole conversation we had on my podcast). He says to imagine that you’re the personal mentor of everyone you see. This should give you the same feelings and perspective, just in a simpler way.

But let’s get down the actual mechanics of your walk. Keep your back straight, chin up, and chest out. Cliche stuff that works. But there are other postures to look out for. Scan with your eyes. Don’t stare down at the ground or at the sky. Make eye contact with people you pass by. That’s right. I just said/wrote that. Don’t be weird about it and why not give them a smile while you do so? You could make someone feel great today.

The other aspect of this to watch is your stride. Keep it long. To practice this, make the biggest steps you can all around your house (bonus points for putting on a show for your roommates or family). Now walk like normal. Are your steps longer? If your legs are still being stubborn, then just force yourself to take bigger steps until the habit sets in. Again, it shouldn’t look or feel weird, but rather powerful and energizing.

Mastering the walk is the first step to mastering confidence.


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