CNA Week 7

Sports Authority Bankrupt

The sports store Sports Authority will be closing 140 stores, over a third, due to bankruptcy. These closings are due to the company missing a $20 million debt payment. The closings of the stores will occur over the next three months.

Cops called on Kam Chancellor

Kam Chancellor, the safety for the Seattle Seahawks, was looking to invest in a gym, but an employee called the cops on him. The police showed up as Chancellor and his friends were leaving, and soon discovered it was a misunderstanding. Kam Chancellor tweeted that he guesses he won’t put a gym in Redmond.

Seven 100-year-old Ty Cobb Baseball Cards Found

A family found seven 100-year-old Ty Cobb baseball cards in a crumpled paper bag in a rundown house. Professionals say that before this recent find, there were only 15 known to exist. Professionals say the total value of the cache could exceed $1 million.