Why Advertisements Don’t Work In 2015

For those of you who have seen me speak before, you have probably heard me talk about the giving vs. asking method of marketing aka “Jab, jab, jab, right hook”. This is where you offer tons of value to your customer, and then, only after they have reasons to trust you, you throw in your right hook: the “ask for the sale”.

A lot of times, it is easy for us to get stuck in traditional advertising methods. But if this is you, then I am sorry, but it is time to start marketing in the year we actually live in: 2015, where social media eats up our time, or phones never leave our hands, and we have learned to tune out commercial sales pitches.

Social media allows you to brand your business where your customers are already paying attention. Interacting with someone online and building a relationship with them is how you can successfully market yourself in 2015.

So, what is the difference between advertisements and storytelling? Well, advertisements do NOT tell stories; they promote a product or service and have a call to action. We have all learned that these bring us no value and to block out these advertisements, therefore making them ineffective.

A story, on the other hand, can be PART OF an advertising effort. Storytelling is part of the jab that offers value to your customer, and makes them listen to what you are saying. You could share a video of advice, a picture of something entertaining or even an actual story relating to your industry. This value will build the relationship with your audience and make them trust you and be more receptive to your message when it is time for the right hook (the ask for the sale or call-to-action).

Interact with your audience like they are real people,

not just a number. You need to build relationships and trust through storytelling and value before you should expect them to listen to your pitch or spend money with your company. You want people to consume your content naturally, not feel like it is being forced into their face…….And don’t forget: Market like it is 2015!

Luke Nesler | Impakt Marketing Creative Director

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