Trust Me, You Have Time

Everyone has a lot going on in their day. But even the busiest person on the block can make time to better their business.

When you call it quits at 5 p.m., when you’re sitting on the couch glued to the TV, when you’re just scrolling through websites without purpose, you are wasting your time. You’re being too lazy to grow your business and there’s no excuse for that.

Instead of doing those things and losing out on valuable opportunities, make yourself more useful. Learn how to better your social media accounts and create content that will work for your business. Every second you spend aimlessly going about your day is money slipping past you. Use your time to your advantage.

It really doesn’t take much. Audit your day — I’m sure you’ll find 15 minutes here and there, even during business hours, that you could better use for your company. Take those little time slots and turn them in to social media opportunities. Post something on your Twitter, take photos for Instagram, learn about Facebook’s algorithms.

Becoming aware of the time you waste will only serve you. You’ll get more accomplished in your day and help your income supply. It will make you a more valuable employee or a better boss. Your work will be of higher quality and quantity and nothing can beat that. Stop making excuses. Start being smart with your time. Keep up the hustle. Bring in the money.

Luke Nesler | Impakt Marketing Creative Director

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