My game plan for achieving the complete Tools of Titans experience

I’m tired of reading endless self-help books, each time being unable to fully realize the tangible change being promised. Tim Ferriss’ latest mammoth tome, Tools of Titans, is a different kind of book, so it’s time I took a fresh approach.

Everyone knows the best way to learn is by doing, and yet so few go through the often laborious steps required to turn input into mastery. Tim says he wrote Titans as a choose-your-own-adventure book. Well, my personal adventure of choice in this case will be to execute on everything I read. Every bit of advice will be turned into action. Every routine exhaustively implemented. Each tool and tactic thoroughly tested. All results and experiences recorded. That’s truly the Tim Ferriss way, and it’s the best way that I can see to get the most out of what he’s compiled.

The categories are titled Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise. I’ll be tackling one entry from each at any given time for a holistic approach. That means Amelia Boone, Chris Sacca, and B.J Miller are up first. Naturally, I’ll be torturing myself by refusing to read on past any chapter I haven’t yet tested and/or incorporated into my life. Check back periodically for progress reports containing my thoughts, results, and experiences. It’s time to really see what kind of life this orange monstrosity will lead me into.