Debunking the myth of higher pay in Silicon Valley.
Stephen Lake

Actually, I’m sorry to say that these calculations are way off. I am from Southern California (LA) and have been living in the bay area for the last 4 years (graduated from UC Berkeley). First off, let me say that those rent prices are for downtown SF. Only someone who’s really crazy would pay that kind of rent a live there (a dump with homeless people roaming around, I don’t know what the attraction is frankly). Most people working tech jobs in the bay area will live in places like Fremont, Oakland, San Leandro, Pleasanton, Walnut Creek, Concord etc. and commute to either the San Jose area, SF or Oakland. In these places if you look hard you can even find a 1 bedroom for around $1800, but typical prices are roughly $2000 — $2200. Not anywhere near the $3336 quoted (which again I repeat is in the heart of SF). If you use $2000 as the rent, you come out waaay ahead in the bay area. Problem with Canada is everything is terribly overpriced (from consumer goods to insurance) because of all the monopolies there that control everything. Sadly no competition!