Conclusion to the 11 Life Lessons from Travel

These are the lessons I have learned and wanted to share with you. I could have shared some other stories, but I believe these are the most beneficial. I know my future adventures will provide me many more experiences to share. If you don’t want to wait until my next book, here is what you can do. Follow me on YouTube. I post videos on every trip I take and about every lesson and experience I have. I am “Luke Makris” on YouTube, and you can find the direct link at the end of this book.

If you want to take it to the next level, then go on an adventure of your own. You don’t have to do anything crazy or plan it all yourself (I will help you plan if you reach out to me if you want), but do have to get out there and do things. The best way to learn a lesson is through personal experience. This is the most memorable for a human being, and that is why I recommend it. I also recommend travel because it will change the way you see the world. Do yourself a favor — go out and explore. I am here for you if you need the help, but I am confident you can do it.

My goals for my adventures are to go out and learn about the differences in the world, try new things and share my experiences with others. That is why I wrote this book. It is why I continue to make YouTube videos. And why I want to open myself to you if you need any help. If you need anything from travel suggestions, help planning your trip, or starting down the road to seld-discovery I am at your disposal. My email is You are free to email me any time with any request or story you have to share. I want to help you plan unforgettable adventures, and I would love to hear about them. I look forward to next time. Until then, I will catch you on social media. Have an awesome adventure!

Best wishes and lots of love as you explore the world around you, both near and far. Keep and open mind. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Also, Don’t Forget:

The Purpose of this book is to Encourage, Inspire and Enable you to travel. I believe traveling is a transformative experience everyone should partake in as early on as possible. It changed the trajectory of my life and I am sure will change yours. Now it is up to you to go experience what I am talking about.

It would have been nice to earn money from writing this book, (because it did take A LOT of work to write it) but that would defeat the purpose of enabling you to travel on a budget.

So, I ask that after you read this book (no matter where or when you got it) please determine how much value it provided you. Then based on that value, donate to help support me in my travel adventures as I strive to bring you more value through my future books, videos, tips, tricks, etc.

Any amount is very much appreciated! After reading this book I hope you see that I know how to stretch $1 very far. And if you didn’t, just know that I am GREAT at getting the most bang for my buck, no matter what it is. That’s part of what I believe makes me unique.

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Luke Makris