Lesson 4: Say Hi to Everyone

This is a very simple lesson and a rule I have chosen to live my life by. For introverts, I know this can be difficult, but the power of this and the opportunities created by meeting new people is endless. In a professional setting, you might be opened to new job opportunities. On vacation, you might be introduced to new adventures. In school, you might be exposed to new subjects of interest. You might even be introduced to your calling in life through one of these unexpected doors.

On both of my trips, this rule gave me many new adventures worth share and led to many unexpected situations. Here are a few of the activities I was able to do thanks to the people I met, both strangers and friends of friends.

- I discovered that sand dunes exist in Oregon. While there, I got to ride in a dune buggy as well as ride a quad for the first time, both of which were on my bucket list for the trip!

- I ate dinner in a hidden local restaurant, called The Cracker, whose front door was secretly hidden away in the parking garage of a massive hotel. If you’re ever in Berlin, you should look it up.

- People shared countless things worth seeing in each city I visited. I now have many great memories from each of those activities to share in my YouTube videos.

- I was able to find a hidden wind cave; a favorite spot pointed out to me by a park ranger.

- I gained valuable insider information when it came to local deals and things to avoid. For example, in Europe, the guides of those free tours I mentioned are locals, so they know all the secret places and scams — so much local knowledge you could benefit from. Be sure to introduce yourself at the beginning, engage in their tour, and then ask for advice at the end.