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One of the things we’re most grateful for is our (mine and Mease’s) time at GMAC Mortgage. We both started at 20. For the record Jared is older than me, by almost a year!

In about a decade we learned more than most MBAs could hope for. Believe me, I’ve met some… Growing up in leadership roles with some of the best coaches and mentors you could ever ask for. One of the senior leaders we worked was Marty Postel. Since he ran analytics I especially spent a lot of time making him look good (kidding Marty, maybe 🙂 ).

Even though Marty was an executive level leader and had been at GMAC forever he was still “down to earth”. Marty would always back me up or trust me when I needed it. …

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One of our favorite partners is SouthSide Cares in Des Moines, IA. We’ve been working with these folks for getting close to a year now. If you don’t know they fundraise for people in their community that are having a hard time getting by. They have helped those battling cancer and many other devastating circumstances.

When our team first met with this group to see how we could help we were awestruck by how many people were there. We pitched to a packed room at the #109 FOE Hall in Des Moines. …

Forecasts Are Always Wrong | Luke Rohm
Forecasts Are Always Wrong | Luke Rohm
No Crystal Balls Here

I realized a long time ago to surround myself with people smarter than me and learn everything you can from them. There are many steps along my journey I could never have done alone. And maybe that’s the point.

The following is one of many lessons learned from one of those people to surround yourself with. I’m giving “credit where credit is due”.

“The first rule of forecasts is that forecasts are always wrong”

What does that mean?

There will always be things you can’t foresee in the future. Maybe not in short periods, but long enough time and complexity it’s certain. …

Cedar Falls Iowa — Leveled UP — By Luke Rohm
Cedar Falls Iowa — Leveled UP — By Luke Rohm

We are all affected by the COVID 19 pandemic. Things are changing by the day or even the hour. …

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Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

Paradigms, paradox, paranoia, paramount, pragmatic… Performance. A piss poor paraphrase what it is to Product Manage.

If you’re doing it right you should always be amongst a mental breakdown and maniatic episodes.

Your authority should be inconsequential, but people should always want to follow you.

Too often do people try to be the smartest person in the room. That was already established before we sat down and no one really cares.

It’s not about the quality of how you say it, but the content of what you said.


Making people feel safe is the quintessential element of a team. Everyone has to know the person next to them would “take a bullet” for them and to a lesser extent stick up for them when they need it most. …

Drop in the WordPress plugin and it walks you thru hooking them up with the UX that you’ve come to expect from them.

So let’s get this straight. You have a wonderful analytics tool in Google Analytics (not to mention Big Query or Data Studio). Tag Manager lets me version control and deploy without writing “spaghetti code”. Optimize by the best A/B testing software I’ve ever seen. And you have to use Google Search Console. Guess what? Drop in a plugin and it all works. …

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Let me tell you about my latest crush. ClickUp

Forget about my automatic love affair to anything that includes UP

Do you develop software? Project Manage? Set Goals? Roadmap? Need to organize about anything? Did I cover enough keywords there? I’m about to tell you about the dopest solution I’ve found for these and more.

Wait a minute. I forgot the most important feature. It’s FREE! Forever. There is a premium version that’s $5 a user or you can negotiate with them (way interested in this).

I’ve used a few different programs for project management across different industries. Atlassian dominates with their suite including Jira and Confluence. Even if you use free Trello, they own it. According to Atlassian owns about 32% marketshare which is on the rise. Microsoft Project somehow still owns about 18%. …

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Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

One of my most important mentors taught me this lesson and it applies wider than I think he thought.

In general the concept is in development you are either paying “cash” or “credit”. Paying in cash means that you are settling your debt today. Paying in credit meaning you are waiting until “tomorrow” to take care of something.

The lesson is that in an ideal world you aren’t in “debt” with what you’re working on. Debt can be a disease and especially in development it will dictate future decisions.

It is beautiful to have a product that is “debt free”. Your team is happy, stakeholders are happy, and you’re confident in your quality. …

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Both seem to undercut the traditional revenue relationship between developer and parent. Subscription service for unlimited access. Breaking from the freemium tradition.

Based on the headlines it seems developers are somewhat in the dark on how they’re going to get paid long term or at least those writing them don’t have a clue.

Both Apple and Google scalp a fat 30% off the top of anything spent in a game/app on their platform so they’re as much in the loss at developers.

There have been many to scrutinize the freemium model, but I’m not sure we need to slow down for them. Saas has built a great version of this economy where the free version is still great. …


Luke Rohm | Leveled UP

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