15 Shades Of SEO

Ever heard of SEO? As a digital marketer, it is my role to know and understand the different strategies and tactics that exists within the digital landscape. Easy to say, hard to perform, I can assure you. SEO a.k.a Search Engine Optimisation involves optimising your website to effectively leverage search engines like Google and Bing. There are many intricacies to SEO and terminology can often confuse even the best digital marketer.

So in order to help you keep up to scratch with your SEO knowhow, check out this graphic “15 Shades of SEO”. This will hopefully help you grasp what is good and bad for SEO; 15 points if you can guess what the theme is based off — or should I say 15 lashings…

I guess another neat trick about this graphic is it allows you to identify what is considered the best practice for SEO. So now when you head to your next meeting with your SEO agency, and they chuck around these terms, you will have the upper hand in understanding what will help your website and what will get you penalised by the powers of Search.

My hope is that you will gain a greater understanding of SEO through this graphic wether you’re a digital marketer or a avid participant in the digital community, learning is most certainty power.