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▲ Developer and gamer

So this is basically just a list of stuff I currently set up on my PC to code when I’m installing Linux on it:

  • Latest Ubuntu release (I recommend to use torrent to download it faster):
  • When installing, I chose the minimal installation (I really don’t use Libre Office or anything like that, I just go ahead and use Google Docs).
  • After installing, I open the terminal and install some basic stuff:
sudo apt install curl git gnome-tweak-tool htop mc zsh

Let’s play a different kind of D&D, and instead of slaying some dragons we will be slaying some old concepts. This post is not that “technical”, is more like my personal point of view of nowadays work environments. In the “old days” the requirements to be met by a Dev or a Designer were very different of today’s standards. Currently, I think the following are the real “rules of the game”:

  • Devs should have at least basic knowledge about design.
  • Designers should have at least basic knowledge about code.
  • Playing like a team will ensure victory, so party up!
  • Any…

Browsing the web (is there someone out there still using the term “browsing”?) I noticed that a lot of popular websites and not so much, have some or lots of security issues that compromises the user security and experience. The most common I found are the following:

  • HTTPS: Yup, we are in 2016, almost 2017, and we are still having some websites without HTTPS. Some years ago this wasn’t that big of a deal, because the majority of websites and browsers didn’t support HTTPS … but today is unavoidable. This is not only because HTTPS is more secure for the…

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