Hotels near Earls Court

Hotels in Earls Court

Situated in the Royal borough of Kensington and Chelsea, Earls Court is one of the best places to explore when you are in London. There is no doubt about the fact that Earls Court is more famous for the nearby tourist attractions but the place is a hidden gem in itself.

If you are here, you can make the most out of your trip by booking any of the Hotels near Earls Court .The various tourist attraction sites include Kensington Palace, Earls Court Tube Station and Stamford Bridge to name a few. Hotels which are at a walking distance from the tourist attractions and easily accessible, can be a huge plus.

The major point of Tourist attraction is Kensington Palace- Located in western London; it has been the Royal Residence since the 17th Century. The palace displays various paintings from the Royal Collection. The state rooms are open to public and managed by an independent charity. Hotels in Kensington offer spacious accommodation and cost- effective stay. Another place that captures the attention of Tourists is Stamford Bridge. Also known by the name of ‘The Bridge’, it is the home ground for the Chelsea Football Club. Being open to public, it is a popular spot visited by football fans while they are in London. The fans get the chance to visit the stadium and the museum. The Hotels near Earls Court Tube Station help tourists access the area via District line or Piccadilly Line.

London offers a plethora of tourist activities that can help one garner memories and knowledge on their way. For a safe and comfortable stay, make sure you identify the best hotels in proximity and book a hotel for yourself in advance. Having correct Information about places that you are going to visit can make your trip unforgettable.

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