Keeping Fit On The Road

As I’m currently sat here typing this at a friends house, about to go out and eat something along the lines of a huge burger, I feel satisfied. Not because I am where I want to be. But I can make small progress each day to help me get to where I want to go. And most importantly, I’m not stressed about it.

We often get distracted from our end goal at times and it’s easy to be. Especially when away from home, you can put yourself into relax mode. Forget about the workplace. The gym. The healthy eating habits.

In the past I used to gorge out at every service station, shop & restaurant I entered when travelling around. I told myself “I’ll just start again on Monday” Gotta enjoy myself right?

The problem was I would be eating healthy foods at home and every time I went away just binged out and took it as an opportunity to rest from training.

I do believe it is important to give yourself some time off every now and then especially if you have been training hard over time. Your mind needs a break to plan the next step forward.

I also believe it is possible to get/stay in shape while on the road. You just have to adopt a new mindset towards it. Get your head in the game.

1 simple strategy is to plan ahead. I will always know where the nearest gyms are before I’ve even left the house. Plan in your head or even better on a calendar which days you are going to workout and what the workout will consist of. Next is to make sure you have workout clothes packed. Unless you plan to buy an ‘I love LA’ vest from the gift shop.

Now when I travel away from home, I will let myself enjoy the foods still but not completely go the opposite way and get into that ‘screw it’ mindset. If my friends want to go out and grab some food, I certainly won’t decline the offer. Especially if it involves burgers. If we’re going out for a drink then I will by all means join them at the bar.

I will also make sure I find a gym nearby to get a workout in. If this isn’t possible & I’m stuck in the middle of nowhere, then a morning workout will do just fine, usually a walk for me. I do find the morning to be a great time to be productive with a workout. You’ve got to remember, something is better than nothing.

The aim is to keep active as possible so you don’t go too overboard into a calorie surplus overload. If you’re short for time then get a full body workout done with minimal rest to maximise calorie burn.

If you have a busy day planned exploring then it can be easy to put off exercise when you’re feeling tired.

I will make an effort to get enough protein in the day to keep my energy levels up and plenty of water to stay hydrated. If you’re not sure what to eat then aim to get enough protein in as it’s filling & builds muscle.

Supplements I’m not too heavy on during travels, but they will be packed in the suitcase.

Deep in my travel bag usually you will find

  • Multivitamin (Always in the morning)
  • Protein Sachets (On the go when I need a quick supply of protein)
  • Shaker
  • Protein Bar (Grenade Carb Killa White Chocolate is just too good)
  • BCAA ( Taken in the morning & around workout)

Food is the usually the hardest obstacle when travelling around therefore it is a wise move to carry healthy snacks around and a bottle of water. Just simply think less processed foods, more natural lean meats & veg when you can. Just do your best, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Mine certainly isn’t perfect. But I train, make a conscious effort to eat well along the way and allow myself room to have fun too!

That’s all for this evening, I’ve now gotta go and grab a burger!

Remember… always stay on track