Current News Assignment #5

Melania Trump attacked for reciting ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ at campaign rally

Melania Trump lead the crowd in the Lord’s prayer at President Trump’s rally in Melbourne, Florida, February 18. Liberals immediately took to social media to attack the first lady on everything from her accent to her religious views. The crowd at the rally was said to have received the prayer enthusiastically. (prominence, conflict)

Priebus says US intel officials call campaign-Russia story ‘garbage,’ tries to end controversy

Reince Priebus, President Trump’s chief of staff, stated that United States intelligence officials have told him that the allegations of Trump’s campaign colluding with Russian officials are false. Stories about a Trump-Russia connection have escalated this week after Trump’s national security advisor, Michael Flynn was forced to resign amid accusations. Priebus’ comments were an attempt to end the controversy but it is unlikely that they will do so. (conflict, conflict, conflict, prominence)

Trump team refutes report on proposal for National Guard immigrant roundup

The Associated Press published a story claiming that the Trump administration is developing a plan to use National Guard forces to round up illegal immigrants. However, Trump’s team has completely denied the legitimacy of this report. The Department of Homeland Security has backed this up by stating that the department is not considering the use of National Guard. (prominence, conflict, impact)

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