Critical and Historical Studies pt.4

Technology has divided society. It has created divisions that ignore geography, location, culture, education, race, skin-colour or sexuality. People are now united by common ideologies and behaviours; and conform to collective behaviours and social interactions through technology. Using the very object that created the possibilities, to reinforce the division.

Instead of challenging this we should acknowledge the shifting techno-cultural landscape.

Language, information and imagery are the modern-day cultural artefacts. My tumblr is an archive of my tools and the way I interact with the work, how I live and how I choose to exist in this world, it is digital proof of my existence. Through an archeological viewpoint it is the equivalent of the pottery, ceramics, wood and metal artefacts you might dig up in my home. It indicates my place in society and the world, how I conduct myself in the techno-culture.

Our choice of adoption and uses of technology create the differences between techno-cultures. No two techno-cultures are the same. Two brothers who’ve grown up together, in the same home, with the same parents, and shared many similar life experiences can now have very different techno-cultural persuasions. Equily, two individuals from different locations on the planet, with different physio-cultures and education can share common behaviours, rituals and experiences, they can express themselves to each other beyond the constraints of language. They are united through their techno-culture.

  • How do we measure cultural diversity in this new landscape?
  • How do ‘western’ and ‘eastern’ cultures still affect the techno-culture as a whole?
  • What is techno-cultural-archeology?
  • What does it mean for one techno-culture to the block access to information and imagery for another techno-culture?
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