How I Made Almost 3k in 30 Days With Crochet Bow Ties
Tim Aton

Some things you should address on your site.

Brand name nowhere to be seen on mobile header.

Nothing is telling me what the USP is.

No contact details to give me confidence.

No Testimonials

For Adwords you need to optimise your campaigns much better. Lose the timewasters. Put your price and a clear description of your product in the ad so the people who click already show an intention to buy. Also reduce your keywords down to 10 highly targeted and specific ones rather than 100s that aren’t.

Be prepared to spend with little return when building traction. When people think crochet they should be thinking crobo.

When people are planning to buy a bow tie, sell them the upsides of your product over the norm.

A single sentence at the top of the homepage that quickly removes mystery from what you do will help no end.

feel free to contact me

I think you could make some money, maybe not millions but some.