BTS and its successes

BTS continues to reach new heights after new achievements and records are broken and announced each week

BTS at the Golden Disk Awards

This past week has been an exceptionally busy and exciting one for ARMYs, the fandom (or family) of BTS, after many news reports and announcements were made regarding BTS visiting the USA and taking part in a number of talkshows, performing at the AMAs and collaborating on a remix of one of their tracks! This comes after a very upsetting time for ARMYs when many of ARMYs’ votes for BTS to win numerous awards were deleted by MNet MAMA’s voting technician team.

The first exciting news that was announced was made by the American Music Awards that BTS is going to be performing on the main stage at their awards show! This is wonderful news to hear as it will be BTS’s first live performance on Western television. They will definitely be performing their latest chart topping track “DNA”, but there have been rumours that they may perform another song too. ARMYs, including myself, took to social media to congratulate BTS and celebrate their success as they are being recognised worldwide for their talents and brilliance! Twitter has even provided BTS and ARMYs with the hashtags #BTSxAMAs and #ARMYxAMAs which ARMYs can use to tweet and talk about BTS being invited to perform at the AMAs, and also to tweet about the AMAs when BTS finally performs on stage next week.

Another fantastic announcement made by BigHit and BTS’s American partners Gramophone Media is that BTS is collaborating with DJ Steve Aoki and rapper Desiigner on a remix of their blazing hot track “MIC Drop”! ARMYs have been wondering for the last two weeks about potential collaborations since both Steve Aoki and Desiigner have been hinting at one. Now that it is out, ARMYs have been extremely excited about the news and believe that this remix, including the original track, are going to top various charts across the world. Radio DJs, who have had the opportunity to listen to the remix already, have stated that it is an incredible remix and a track that will be played on many radios! The remix will be dropping on streaming and music purchasing platforms two days before BTS’s AMAs performance.

In addition to all of this hype and excitement, ARMYs also were surprised with the announcement(s) that BTS will be on the Jimmy Kimmel talkshow, and they will be doing a free concert at the show’s outdoor stage. Not only is this extremely caring of BTS, but they cancelled on going to Asia Artist Awards in order to perform for ARMYs for free. Once again, it shows how BTS prioritises ARMYs first and they want their fans to be happy before they worry about receiving an award at an awards show.

ARMYs’ suspicions were finally confirmed as well when Big Hit announced that BTS will be going onto the Ellen DeGeneres show. They will also be performing “DNA” on Ellen’s show too! ARMYs were excited about this announcement because Ellen is renowned for her jokes, witty comments and genuine interest in getting to know about the people who she speaks to on her shows. ARMYs are hoping that she brings up BTS’s new humanitarian campaign with UNICEF, #LoveMyself #EndViolence, and that each member has the chance to speak, laugh and have fun with Ellen.

The best part about all of this news is that BTS is really becoming a global sensation and they are highly in demand by people all over the world. ARMYs, journalists, interviewers, talkshow hosts, award shows and artists are all wanting BTS’s attention. Moreover, it should be noted that the West is coming to BTS and not the other way round. What is extremely exciting is that the year isn’t even over yet and 2017 is already the year of BTS! According to Eshy Gazit, BTS’s American PR partner, we need to “Wait until the end” of 2017, which hints at the fact that more is coming our way! Big Hit is also hinting that BTS will be involved in various promotional activities in the USA during their visit.

Fellow ARMYs, this really has been a year for BTS! However, Namjoon, RM, himself has stated that 2018 is going to be even bigger for BTS. I cannot even begin to imagine what is going to happen in 2018 but I know that we, as ARMYs, need to continue to uniting together and support our boys till the end! They are reaching new heights which others have never been able to achieve and we need to recognise, acknowledge and celebrate that.

BTS is currently nominated for Best Male Group, Best Dance, Best Music Video, Song of the Year and Album of the Year for the Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMAs). You can vote for them here.

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