What Love Yourself Tear by BTS means to ARMYS

BTS’s latest album takes a dark, yet important turn on the theme of love and loving yourself, and ARMYs can relate to it.

BTSARMY — BTS’s fandom

BTS’s latest album, Love Yourself Tear, is an absolute masterpiece. It consists of 11 tracks that all differ in terms of genre influences and production, and yet, it successfully formulates a cohesive, magnificent message that raises the issue of love and when it can become toxic, emotional and sad.

As RM, the leader of BTS, has said, “Love is a complex and there are sides that really make us feel bad or depressed. There could be tears; there could be sadness. This time we want to focus on some of the parts of love that we want to run away from.”

Since its release, the album has reached number 1 on many countries’ iTunes album charts, and has debuted at number 1 on the Billboard Hot 200. It continues to debut on charts across the globe, once again making it one of the most successful albums of the year in multiple countries.

Regardless of the charting and sales success, BTS’s fandom, ARMY, have really formed close connections with the album, and honestly feel that BTS’s music, and who they are as people, have played a role in their moments of healing and empowerment.

Here is what ARMYs had to say about the album and what it means to them:

The impact of the album on relationships

User @KyungWon1020, expressed how she connected to the album when it came to previous relationships in a thread:

BTS’s new album inspired ARMYs to express themselves

User @Yen_en11 felt that the album created inspiration for them to write a new book! The song, Magic Shop, reminded us that BTS are humans just like us.

BTS helped ARMYs get over hurtful things that people said to them

User @AliaMosier put it perfectly when she expressed how BTS’s music, including Love Yourself Tear, helped her get through the most difficult times when she was bullied and mocked for being herself.

Love Yourself Tear plays a role in ARMYs’ journey of self love

Users @MelAyende95, @JustLeChanel and @Divalovesbts brought up the impact of the emotions in Love Yourself Tear and how the album encourages listeners to be themselves and to take care of themselves

Love Yourself Tear makes ARMYs realise how much BTS understands us

Users @Daydreeee and @mapletaegi explained that the album once again reminds ARMYs that BTS understands what we are going through and will continue to empathise and support us

Love Yourself Tear helps ARMYs cope with their mental health

Throughout their career, BTS has given ARMYs a space to talk about their mental health and a special connection has formed between BTS and ARMYs as a result. User @potaetophilic explains in a thread how BTS has helped her to cope with her anxiety and depression

BTS’s music powerfully reassures ARMYs

Sometimes we feel alone, or lost on the path of life. Love Yourself Tear gives us that reassurance we need. User @itsmaryrivera_ explains how BTS’s music often reassures her when she feels like she does not have any goals or dreams like others.

BTS reminds us that it is important to tackle sadness

Love Yourself Tear is deeply rooted in sad, somber aspects of love, and BTS does this to remind us how crucial it is to tackle the sadness and to reflect on who we are as people. As user @MellyClose says

The album has helped us to figure ourselves out

An important part of the Love Yourself era is to discover self awareness — the notion of knowing who you are and being able to love who you are. Tear does not disappoint and it ultimately connects people to themselves. @live__alittle expresses how much BTS inspires her

There are multiple reasons, stories and experiences that ARMYs have as to why BTS’s new album, Love Yourself Tear means so much to them. It is undoubtedly one of the most powerful, most moving, and most exceptional musical masterpieces that contains so much depth and emotion. The Love Yourself Tear comeback has been extremely successful and the message of loving yourself will continue to be a fundamental, vital one that will touch the hearts of ARMYs around the world!

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