How I’ll Make More in a Month Than I Did All Last Year

How the MPP has changed for the better.

Luke Wiese
Nov 9 · 3 min read

It’s been just more than a week that the Medium Partner Program has changed, and it’s definitely rattled the community of creators. Change has a tendency to do that. Thankfully, the changes to the earnings system are for the better, and rather than just valuing applause from readers, Medium has decided that actual read time is the more valuable variable.

With these changes writers of all kinds (aside from maybe short form poetry) have a massive opportunity to capitalize on the new payment landscape, and it’s going to be actually engaging articles that are compensated the best now.

With that being said, I’ll do better in December (if I stay at my current pace, fingers crossed) and November than I did my entire first year on Medium. The changes to the program have helped greatly.

Here’s how I’ll be capitalizing on the opportunity to earn more than ever in the closing months of this decade.

Produce quality content as often as you can.

This doesn’t mean you should vomit your thoughts onto your keyboard for the sake of publishing every day. Quality should always remain a primary focus if you hope to succeed on Medium. It’s no secret that curation matters, and the only articles that are consistently curated are the ones that are consistently of stellar quality.

With that being said, the amount you publish has an overwhelming control over how you’ll perform behind the paywall, and I’ve noticed I do my best when I’m publishing once or twice every couple days.

It’s up to you to find that “happy medium” in your own writing life, but it’s no secret that quality content delivered consistently is what will lead you to your earnings goal.

If you want to make good money on Medium it has to become more than just another hobby for you. Set a schedule and stick to it. Treat your writing like a part time job, or even better, full time. And if you don’t, you shouldn’t have the permission to complain about your lack of profits from your writing efforts.

In short, consistency matters.

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Write informative articles that give your audience a reason to stick around.

No one wants to read the standard “how to accomplish your dreams in these five simple steps” type articles all day. The articles that have performed best for me and many other creators on the Medium platform are informative, well structured, and longer form.

Do your best to stand out from the crowd of writers in this space. Write about what you know and give your readers a reason to respect your perspective.

Over time this builds trust with your audience, and you’ll notice the benefits of the “return readers”, the people who actually take the time to search your name and read your work. Earning their interest is your greatest chance at “making good money” with the new MPP program.

By applying just these two simple tactics, and with the changes, November and December are set to be better than my entire first year on Medium. They aren’t that crazy of numbers, but I’m absolutely excited about it.

Don’t live with regret later. Treat writing on Medium seriously and you can reap some amazing benefits with the new earnings system.

Luke Wiese

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Millions of article views across multiple platforms / Business Owner / Investor / Writer

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