NASA just announced that they have spotted “Earth’s cousin”, the smallest exoplanet yet that is orbiting in what they call “the habitable zone” — around same distance from its star as the Earth is from the sun.

This is clearly a captivating story. Sure, the planet NASA actually discovered is bigger and older than Earth, but it is a pretty similar planet nonetheless. Perhaps it contains extraterrestrial life? I wonder what aliens on this Earth-like planet would look like? I suspect they might look like men in Star Trek suits.

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NASA and other institutions have access to hatfuls of money, smart people, and are developing ever more sophisticated methods to discover more and more planets. Maybe this planet isn’t the planet, but we’re bound to find hundreds, billions, trillions more. The rate at which exoplanets are being discovered appears to be increasing exponentially. We are getting closer and closer, it’s only a matter of time. …


Luke Wilson-Mawer

Technical startup guy. @peerindex, ex Garlik, ex Gamesys. Working on this:

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