I’m starting a company.

This is the craziest thing I’ve ever done. I can’t share details just yet but it is huge. We have funding for a project we have yet to even start. This is not what I imagined when I quit my job 2 years ago; “I just want to do something new. I just want to meet some new people.” I was hoping for something cool and interesting but never something like this. I’m leaving my life behind for 4 months to go on an objectively insane journey.

As part of this transition, I’d like to start improving my internet presence. Largely at the moment that consists of a twitter account where I put my most ill-conceived and silly thoughts and annoy people I’ve never met. The world is not better off for my time spent tweeting. However I do believe I have interesting things to share, particularly surrounding this new project. As I am likely to become more publicly well-known, even if only a small amount, I don’t want people thinking my Twitter account is a showcase of my thinking. Let this blog be a better such showcase.

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