Soul, energy and the impossible search

Let me first begin by wishing you all the greatest of days. Each one is what you choose it to be. Let your energy flow and your experience be beautiful.

The soul is a complex thing, made up of many different components and energies. I fear that many of us live our lives in a state of constant limbo. Not allowing the soul to be free.

I say this because of what I observe. It is difficult I think for many of us to say that we are truly happy. I hear constantly people wishing for more, wishing to change, crying for something new. Would this desired change then complete you? Would it then bring unimaginable happiness? To this I say no.

There is nothing wrong with wanting more or searching for change but when we try to hard this desire becomes negative energy. The wish for change becomes distaste and hatred for the present. It is not enough to merely exist you must live in the time you have, for it is unrepeatable.

I myself was guilty of this up until recently. I accepted the situation as it was, dreamed of more and wished to be free.

At the same time as this I did nothing to create it. I existed, hollow and automatic. Stuck in this limbo. Unable to move for fear of what is next. Unable to believe in change or a better state of soul. I had accepted this as a truth. Accepted it as a life and chained myself to a constant state of self degradation.

My change came from what I like to call the impossible search. I call it this because it cannot be found, it has to find you. The harder you try the more elusive it becomes. You must sit back listen to your soul, your energy and take the direction you feel. It is this ability to separate the heart from the mind that will create the path on which completion is possible.

My mind had for to long clouded the path. My heart wrapped in a blanket of silence. It was on one particular day that this changed.

I could go on for hours describing in detail the events of this day and the ones that followed. Would this be helpful? Maybe. But each story is unique and trying to follow someone else’s footsteps may not take you to the same path.

Instead I will describe the feeling and the experience. I hope this can bring some inspiration.

For me the change came from the energy of another soul. A soul that I instantly connected with. At first I did not know how this was possible and it was definitely confusing. I could have run from this and avoided any risk but instead I followed what my soul told me and pursued this feeling. This raw, true and honest connection of energy.

It was this initial choice that was the most important. It set me onto a path that was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Something that could never be replicated or found again. This decision to follow my energy was the one and only right choice.

Since this choice was made everything has changed. Before I would have been guilty of calling this some fantasy or dream, some longing for perfection that cannot be achieved. I realise now I was wrong.

All it takes is belief. Belief in your own worth. Belief that you deserve better. Belief that what your heart and soul tells you is true.

My experience since then in all aspects of my life has been remarkable. In everything I do I have boundless energy, inspiration and happiness.

I have gained the ability to put all my power and strength into everything I do. My mind is clear and my soul is unchained.

There are of course; as with anything, some challenges along the way. Some obstacles to overcome. Like anything it takes effort and thought to achieve what is desired.

I now have focus, purpose and direction. My soul is eternally linked to another, a circle of boundless positive energy.

I am excited for the future and what it will bring. I am not worried, scared or seeking more. For now I have everything I wish for within me and an unbreakable connection.

My personal mantra being

The dragon and fox, one soul, one energy, two forms

This will mean nothing to many, for you have to find your own.

I wish you all luck on your own journey. Complete happiness is achieved only when you unite your energies.

Safe travels friends. Maybe some day our paths will cross, if only for a moment. But in that moment I will share with you a smile and we will know that we walk similar paths.

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