Loom Network is releasing two new interactive and bite-sized courses on CryptoZombies.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost two years since we launched CryptoZombies and our first lesson on smart contract programming.

Soon after we launched CryptoZombies, Fred Wilson wrote about A Fun Way To Learn To Create Dapps in Solidity and helped our code school became known all over…

ERC721x is an extension of ERC721 that adds support for multi-fungible tokens and batch transfers, while maintaining full backward compatibility.


First, a Little Background

Here at Loom Network, we’ve been hard at work on Zombie Battleground, a 100% on-chain collectible card game that’s targeted at mainstream audiences.

Recently, we finished a Kickstarter campaign, and as part of the early…

Hosted by Chinese Indie Game Alliance, part of the largest GameJam in China, and spanning 8 major cities in China.

Join us in Beijing and Shanghai for an intense 48-hour weekend Hackathon.

48 Hours of Madness — To challenge your skills to the extreme, make friends, and go from absolutely zero to a fully finished blockchain game.

For every Chinese game developer in the know, the China Indie Game Alliance hosts the absolute largest and most insane game jams each year. They started from being part of the massive GlobalGameJam (which takes place in January, and is run by the same folks), but with the dates awfully…

Luke Zhang

Co-Founder at Loom Network

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