3 communication issues when working remotely
Kamil Lelonek

I think I only partially agree with this article.

  1. You say when you’re working remotely, you’ve got flexible working hours. I’d rather say that it depends on task. Sometimes I only write code, sometimes I need to cooperate with others. It’s not remote working benefit only.
  2. When you work remotely, you can fully focus — again, it’s not benefit of remote work. It’s how much respect do you have from others. You can work remotely and get notified on Skype/Slack with every bullshit your colleagues have and your focus is just an illusion.

I agree with private messages. It’s understandable that people don’t want to announce everybody that they don’t know something. That’s why people working remotely need to cultivate not being rude and not ignore people that have questions.

I wouldn’t say that developers don’t seem to care about others. It might be only your experience. I’d even say that we are more helpful than others social groups when I look at StackOverflow, all programming workshops that are happening around me and amount of discussion forums on the Internet.

And about social aspect… well… I thought that I’ll make social contacts after my work. But then it turned that after work i want/need to go to gym, swimming pool, shopping center, learn something new, read a book and a lot of things that are not necessary related much with people (or it’s only shallow contact). After few months I realized that I’m meeting people mostly at the weekends. I miss contact with people very much. For me it’s biggest drawback of working remotely.

Best regards and have a nice day!