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I agree it looks like Verlander has played his last game as a Tiger he is going to be badly missed we went to 2 World Series with Jv leading the way the sad thing about it is we never won a World Series with him! I just hope the Tigers trade him to a team that has a good chance to win it all fans need to understand Verlander has a No trade Clause his Fiancee Kate Upton isn’t going to live in certain cities i think the most logical place for JV & Kate would be Los Angeles i think that would be a great fit for him i think the Dodgers would be Stupid not to get him i hope they go after Verlander instead of Yu Darvish who allowed 10 Earned Runs his last game on the Mound! Yes Verlander is a couple years older 34 then Darvish who is 30 but JV is (Clutch) a proven winner in the Postseason he has the experience he knows how to win in the playoffs something Kershaw has struggled to do as of yet in his career a 1–2 punch of Kershaw Verlander in the playoffs will be absolutely SICK!

The Questions i have is What will the Tigers get back for Jv? Will they have to pay some of his contract like they did when they traded Prince Fielder a couple years ago? I am interested to see what the Tigers get back for Jv!

“Oh Justin never leave us”

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