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Look at this lineup with this move the Rockets have become the best team in the NBA with Cp3 on his team James Harden is going to win the MVP Award he is going to see so much wide open shots! Clint Capella is going to have a career year with Cp3 i fucking love this move by Morey & the Rockets! The Rockets have 2 Superstars and a good bench they are going to easily win 60+ games. For the idiots who are saying they both need the ball in there hands are stupid James Harden isn’t a PG he can play without the ball and will get wide open looks with Cp3 as his point Guard! Did you forget how bad James Harden played in game 6 of the playoffs vs the Spurs? By the way James Harden has said he wants to play of the ball more Cp3 has a IQ and will make it work! This Houston Lineup looks sick and there are reports that the Rockets are trying to get PG 13! The Rockets are becoming a Dynasty! James Harden has been recruiting Cp3 for a long time i can’t wait to see these 2 players play together!

PG Chris Paul
SG James Harden
SF Trevor Ariza 
PF Nick Anderson 
C Clint Capella

And Six man Eric Gordon coming of the bench

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