Grand Lukki Giveaway

Lukki Team
Dec 11, 2019 · 2 min read

We are happy to announce that Lukki holds Grand Giveaway for its clients. The overall prize pool more than $200,000 in crypto: BTC and LOT.


To start, one needs to follow the bot’s instructions to get his price. Do the tasks and get more tickets to increase your chances.

1. Main tasks

Create an account on to participate in the giveaway.

Join our telegram. You should not leave the chat ( until giveaways finishes.

2. Additional tasks

Refer friends. Share your link to gain more tickets! You’ll receive two tickets for every person you refer to. If your referral deposit, you get $5 in LOT tokens*.

Make posts. Make posts about Lukki on your social media or blog and get an extra 3 tickets for each one. All links will be checked after the end of the campaign, scammers will be restricted.

1 Ticket = 1 Chance To Win

Prize Pool

Overall, there will be 2040 rewards. 10 winners will receive $80,000 in BTC.

  • $19,000 in BTC + 15,000 LOT
  • $15,000 in BTC + 13,000 LOT
  • $12,000 in BTC + 10,000 LOT
  • $10,000 in BTC + 8,000 LOT
  • $8,000 in BTC + 7,000 LOT
  • $6,000 in BTC + 6,000 LOT
  • $4,000 in BTC + 4,000 LOT
  • $3,000 in BTC + 3,000 LOT
  • $2,000 in BTC + 2,000 LOT
  • $1,000 in BTC + 1,000 LOT

The rest 2020 winners will receive $20 each and 10 winners will get $1,000 in LOT tokens.

How we chose the winners?

Winners will be determined randomly, the more tickets the more chances to win. 1 person can take several rewards.

Please note that all tasks will be checked, be careful when sending links and logins. Cheating is prohibited!

Giveaway ends at 23:00 UTC, February 10 2020. The winner announcement is scheduled for February 25.

  • Tokens will be frozen for the period of the lending program

Follow the instructions and get your award.👇

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